Your customers will have a perzonalized guide on Puglia where they will find
itineraries, places and any further information they may need for their journey.

Travel Guide

Places and itineraries in Puglia, with our tips and advices on what your customers should not miss out, with accurate fact sheets of the most beautiful places that will allow them to "travel" around Puglia even before their arrival.

Tour Leader Chat

This is a reserved area with a chat to allow the tour leader to communicate easily with your customers. Moreover, from the chat they will get in touch with transfers and guides for a simple and immediate exchange of information.

Menu Translation

In this reserved section there are a selection of restaurants with description, fotogallery and public reviews to choose the best place to taste Puglia flavors. Each fact sheet has restaurant menu translation available on the App.

Itinerary Building

Itinerary building tool available on the App to customize the journey. Your customers will select easily any point of interests to setup their itinerary in Puglia, storing it in the reserved area of the App.

App Gamification

Engage your customers with group games organized by the tour leader through the App: they will receive real time questions to enhance tourists’ experience in an innovative way.

App development

Book with us and we will develop Puglia App with the logo of your Agency